Chiropractic is a complete and proactive approach to your nervous system and overall health. Yes, chiropractic is successful in relieving common symptoms such as pain, stress, and stiffness — but it is much more than the treating of symptoms. Instead, it is about balance. Since the nervous system controls every single function in your body, chiropractors receive special training to use the spine as a window into the nervous system to locate and correct neurological imbalances. This allows your body to communicate effectively within and do what it does best – keep you functioning at your highest potential.

Common does not mean normal. Headaches and migraines are common, but not normal. Sciatica, low back pain, arthritis, chronic fatigue, injured joints are all common but definitely not normal. If you are struggling with sciatic pain or simply seeking sciatica pain relief in San Diego, please consider how chiropractic can improve your health.

Dr. Harry Heeder is an expert in detecting and correcting problems of the spine and nerve system to restore proper nerve function; this leads to pain relief and increased function and vitality. He is also specially certified to provide care for pregnant women and children.

Chiropractic adjustments align the spine which restores proper nerve flow so that your natural state of wellbeing returns and pain goes away without the need for medicines or surgery.

Stress Response Evaluation

The office of Dr. Harry Heeder is one of only two chiropractic offices in the state of California to provide to you a comprehensive and dynamic 12 minute ‘video’ of your nerve system in action. Many offices use technology to provide a snapshot of muscle and organ system function but fail to measure how your body works in action.

With your Stress Response Evaluation you see how your body automatically reacts on the inside to various stresses and challenges. This stress pattern builds up and often leads to common complaints like neck and back pain, sciatica, headaches, migraines and arthritis. It also leads to the major chronic diseases like heart disease, obesity, chronic fatigue and auto immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and MS.

Identifying your stress pattern allows us to customize care specifically for how your body works to speed pain relief and quicken healing time. Similar to how a scientist measures the stress that builds up underground to predict an earthquake or volcano, your Stress Response Evaluation reveals your hidden internal stress pattern and informs you of where to focus to improve your wellbeing.

Brain Wave Training

Brain Training, a.k.a. Audio-Visual Entrainment, is light and sound technology that is designed to stimulate your brain to help normalize and maximize brain function. The gear sends flashes of lights using a pair of eyeglasses and pulses of tones through a pair of headphones to gently guide the brain into the proper brainwave frequency needed for higher performance and brain balance.

Brain waves are like gears in a bicycle. Your brain needs to choose the right wave (gear) for the right job to run efficiently. So whether your brain needs to go fast (process information like in reading) or go slow (meditate or get ready to sleep) the right wave (gear) is essential. You sit quietly wearing headphones and eyeglasses and enjoy one of over 20 brain training programs designed to either stimulate you, relax you, boost mental focus and concentration, relieve pain or lift your mood and reduce stress.

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