Stress builds silently over time inside the body. You need stress relief. We know this because we’ve all “blown up” at least once when something small became the last straw, pushed us beyond our limit and we lost our cool.

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Losing your cool was the result of having your cup too full of stress and the last drop spilled over. Most of us have felt an earthquake, right? That’s just the earth releasing built up stress. It often takes many decades or centuries for it to get to the tipping point.

Our bodies are a lot like the earth in the way they quietly store stress. When the earth finally releases all that built up stress, it’s called an earthquake or volcano. When our bodies release our built up stress, we have our own personal earthquake that we call back pain, headaches, digestive trouble, even heart disease and diabetes as the result of long term chronic stress build up. There is a solution.

Start to reduce and eliminate stressors in your life and make healthier lifestyle choices. Certainly change can be hard at first, so begin slowly, celebrate your initial successes and work up to your ultimate goal.


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